Pond plants and aquarium plants are an essential part of any aquatic environment as well as adding character to the pond. They provide shelter from predators such as cats and birds. Plants also produce oxygen and help absorb toxic chemicals, waste and build ups of nitrate and ammonia, which can be detrimental to wildlife.  As well as being the base of the food chain, plants like elodea, hornwort and water-crowfoot are great oxygenators. Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum) has allelopathic qualities, secreting a substance that inhibits the growth of cyano bacteria (blue algae) and can help control murky water. Other pond plants, rather than being fully aquatic, grow round the margins of the pond or in the shallows such as reeds and iris. These help absorb waste through their roots and provide excellent cover for amphibians as well as a platform for damsel and dragon fly larvae to climb out of the water and metamorphose into adults. Last but not least are the floating plants like water lilies and amphibious bistort which float at the surface. Most produce flowers and will attract pollinators to your pond as well as being a distinguishing feature. 


Here at Wildlife Pond and Aquarium we have a mix of native species to kick start your ponds ecosystem and provide food and shelter for all your pond inhabitants. Feel free to ask us any questions by clicking Chat or going to our Contact page.