clasping leaf pondweed ( potamogeton perfoliatus ) also known as perfoliatus pond weed or reed head grass is a native aquatic plant , Perfoliate pondweed grows from a robust creeping perennial rhizome, intermittently producing round stems up to 3 m long ,this plant is an excellent addition to a wildlife pond and is a food plant of many aquatic insects ,pond snails and birds and has a much higher benefit to wildlife than other common pond plants like elodea or hornwort although unlike these species it doesnt grow well from rootless stems so the plants will come as a rooted stem it also dosent grow as aggressively as other common pond weeds so needs less maintainance ,it is also a great oxygenator.

clasping leaf pond weed ( potamogeton perfoliatus )

  • The plants you will receive will be a single rooted large stem.