when people think of coldwater fish ,they mainly think of goldfish or carp but There are over 30 species of native freshwater fish in the UK, including more than 10 introduced-species. Although many aren't suited to a wildlife pond either due to there large size or veracious appetite, here at Wildlife Pond and Aquarium we have a mix of native freshwater fish as well as some more exotic species.


We specialise in mostly small fish, including minnow, stickleback and stone loach. These fish are much better suited to small ponds and can be kept in a wildlife pond without depleting the ecosystem too much. Fish like carp and goldfish have a massive appetite and will quickly empty a small pond of its wildlife, eating snails, tadpoles, insects, plant and even small fish and froglets. Another benefit of keeping these smaller species is they need far less space and can comfortably be kept in small ponds, water features and aquariums. Some, such as sticklebacks, are very easy to breed and will quickly start a self-sustaining population in your pond. We also occasionally stock some larger fish like perch, roach and gudgeon, with detailed information on each species and the benefits of adding them to your ecosystem.

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