Amphibians are the pride and joy of many wildlife ponds and a sign of the health of your ecosystem. Here at Wildlife Pond and Aquarium we have a selection of native captive-bred amphibians including common frogs, smooth newts and palmate newts and depending on the time of year, we will also have tadpoles and efts (the terrestrial juvenile phase of a newt).


There are 7 native species of amphibian in the UK. Some like the great crested newt and natterjack toad are endangered and rarely seen in the UK. Others like the common frog and palmate newt are found across the UK in many different habitats, but like so many native species there populations are declining and garden ponds are one of the main strongholds for our native amphibians.


It can take many years, depending on your location, for amphibians to colonise your pond naturally, so why wait? All our amphibians are captive over many generations. We will also occasionally have some more exotic species such as alpine and Italian crested newts, so go to the footer of this page to subscribe and stay up-to-date.


We can give you detailed information on how to create a suitable habitat and to start a breeding population in your pond, so feel free to ask us any questions you have by clicking on our Chat button or going to our Contact Page.