Pond Packs

It can take time to create a functioning ecosystem in a new pond or even more mature ponds. At Wildlife Pond and Aquarium our pond starter packs have a mix of different native species including aquatic, floating and marginal plants. Plants are essential for any pond as they are the base of the food chain as well as providing, food, shelter and cover from predators.


Snails and invertebrates such as water louse are excellent cleaners, helping to break down waste, detritus and left over fish food , as well as providing food for your ponds larger inhabitants. Snails are also great algae eaters and can help control blanket weed. Some, like great pond snails, will also eat duck weed and even hydra. Freshwater mussels are filter feeders and filter small particles of algae, bacteria and other organic matter from the water column and can help control green or murky water.


We have a few different packs to meet the needs of small and large ponds alike, and we also have native amphibian packs. Whether you are creating a new pond from scratch or adding to an existing ecosystem, we have a pond pack for you.