Aquatic insects and invertebrates are an essential part to any wildlife pond and also highly beneficial to an aquarium environment. They are beneficial as cleaners, helping break down waste and detritus, and also as the base of the aquatic food chain, providing food for fish, newts and other aquatic insects alike. Some like the water louse (Ascellus aquaticus) can even be kept inside the sponges of larger filters, helping to prevent a build up of sludge and waste. Others like gammarus shrimp Make an excellent natural food source and a dietary supplement for fish, aquatic turtles and amphibians. We offer a range of different aquatic insects and invertebrates, from cleaners like water louse and gammarus shrimp, to diving beetles and water boatmen. We can can give detailed information on each species and the benefits and suitability of adding them to your ecosystem and information on creating a self sustaining population.


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