There are many different species of aquatic and semi aquatic snails here at Wildlife Pond and Aquarium. We have a range of different species from pond snails to tropical apple snails.


Snails make up an essential part of a pond or aquarium ecosystem, eating algae, fish waste, left over fish food and detritus. Some species such as trapdoor snails also filter algae, bacteria and organic matter from the water column and can help control green or murky water. Others, like Malaysian trumpet snails live under the gravel or sand helping to aerate it and prevent a build up of sludge and waste. Some snails also make an excellent natural food source for fish, like carp and pufferfish and are a great dietary supplement for aquatic turtles. It can sometimes be difficult to find accurate information on many species of aquatic snails with lots of completely different species being lumped together as "pond snails" or "tropical snail". We give detailed information on each species and the suitability and benefits of adding them to your ecosystem. We will also give additional info on breeding and creating a self sustaining population in your pond or aquarium so click our Chat button or go to our Contact Page to ask us any questions about snails.