The freshwater shrimp, gammarus shrimp or scuds as they also known, is a native freshwater crustacean. Despite its common name, the freshwater shrimp is a species of amphipod. They are found in rivers, lakes, small streams and ponds. They are detritus feeders and eat dead plants, dead insects and other organic matter. They can also be fed fishfood, algae wafers or sinking pellets. They can be kept in both coldwater and tropical aquariums as well as ponds and would make an excellent addition to a wildlife pond. They are also a great natural food source for fish.

Freshwater shrimp (Gammarus pulex)

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  • gammarus pulex hardy and can survive a wide range although can be sensitive to pollution and low oxygen and does better in running water ,although there common name is freshwater shrimp they are actually amphipods ,gammarus pulex are very easy to breed and wont need any special care to do so ,each female can produce up to 50 young per month ,males are smaller than females and when breeding the larger male carries the female underneith him for upto a few weeks.