great hairy willow herb ( epilobium hirsatum ) sometimes known as marsh willow herb is a tall perenial plant reaching a max height of 2 meters ,while it looks similar to rosebay willow herb ( Chamaenerion angustifolium)  this species prefers damp conditions and grows in the margins aswell as slightly deeper water ,The flowers are pink to purple and highly attractive to bees and other pollinators ,it flowers from mid summer onwards ,the plant spreads through seed aswell as under ground rhyzomes this species is an excellent addition to a wildlife pond being a favored food plant of many caterpillar species like the elephant hawk moth caterpillar ,newts also like to lay there eggs on the submerged leaves of this species as its easy for them to fold round the eggs.

Great hairy willow herb ( epilobium hirsutum )

  • Each plant will be a single or double stem with roots , leaves and sometimes flowers. The plants are posted bare root and do not come with a pot or soil.