The freshwater or river limpit is a small native species only growing to a maximum of 1cm, though 0.7 is more usual. Despite its common name, it is not related to marine limpits and is instead closer to the ramshorn snails (planorbis sp). They are great algae grazers and will graze algae from rocks, glass and plants (they won't eat live plants). Being a native species, it can survive UK winters but can also be kept in coldwater and tropical aquariums. This species prefers running water and will stay near the outflow of the filter. Snails make up an essential part of a pond or aquarium ecosystem and would make an excellent addition to a wildlife pond.

Freshwater limpit (Ancylus fluviatilis )

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  • The river limpit prefers running well oxygenated water and will sometimes stick to the glass or side of the pond just above the water level to graze algae. This species lays small clumps of jelly containing between 9 and 12 eggs  (see main pictures for image of eggs).