the amber snail is a small native species reaching a max of around 2.5 cm as its name suggests it be range in colour from amber ,bright ,yellow ,translucent or brown ,it is not fully aquatic and lives on marginal plants around ponds ,rivers ,ditches and marshes ,its thought  the wandering snail originally evolved from this or a very similar species that started to spend more and more time in the water. amber snails make an excellent food source for amphibians and birds due to there small and relitively soft shell and there habit of living in the margins rather than underwater ( frogs cant eat under water ) this makes the species a great addition to a wildlife pond.

amber snail ( succinea putris )

  • amber snails are hermaphrodites and breed from may to september laying between 15 and 35 small gel covered eggs on the stems of marginal plants or rocks  ,the eggs take around 2 weeks to hatch and the snails are mature at 1 year old.