the snails you will receive will be between 2 and 4 cm ( second picture is of adult snail  ,the giant apple snail ( pomacea canaliculata ) sometimes known as the channeled apple snail is native to south america but has been introduced to countries around the world ,it is a tropical too subtropical species and can be kept in coldwater aquariums aswell as tropical ( cannot be kept out doors ) it is a large species reaching a size of up to 6 inches ,these snails feed on almost anything they will eat most plants with the exception of tougher plants like java fern ,they will also eat ,fish food ,detritous ,dead fish ,boiled lettuce and algae they are excellent aquarium cleaners and are even suitable to be kept with large fish while some loaches may be able to eat them they are fairly hardy due to there thick shell ,large size and operculum ( trap door ) preventing them being sooked out of there shell ,these snails make excellent cleaners and also produce

giant apple snail ( pomacea canaliculata )

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  • unlike most aquatic snails but similar to most other snails with an operculum ( shell door ) these snails are not hermaphrodites and will need both male and female snails too reproduce ,like all snails in the genus pomacea ,these snails lay there eggs out of water they lay between 40 and 300 eggs at a time the eggs are reddish pink ,if you intend to breed them leave enough space between the water level and top of the tank to allow for this.