the great diving beetle is a large native water beetle species and an unmistakable pond inhabitant, its large size ( up to 3.5 cm ) and active nature make it an interseting addition to a pond or aquarium ,the great diving beetle is a veracious predator and will kill and eat any small animals it can catch including aquatic insects ,tadpoles ,froglets ,and even small fish like sticklebacks ,great diving beetles are also excellent scavangers and will feed on dead fish or insects that fall into the water ,although highly predatory towards small fish ,the great diving beetle can safely be kept with larger fish ( over 8cm ) were it makes an unusual "odd ball" scavanger ,if being kept in an indoor aquarium a secure lid is impotant as the beetle is able to climb ,they can be fed bloodworms ,daphnia ,worms ,insects ,dead fish and will sometimes accept fish food ,this species does not like a strong current and prefers still or slow running water.

Great diving beetle (Dytiscus marginalis )

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  • the great diving beetle will breed in ponds provided there is both male ( males have smooth wing case ) and female beetles ( females have grooved wing case )  and the pond has food and some aquatic plants for them to lay there eggs ,the larvae ,like the adults are voracious predators and will hunt a wide range of prey ,like other insects ,tadpoles and small fish ,they breath through a tube on there abdomen and therefore need to stay close to the surface ,when they are ready to change into adult beetles they will leave the water and bury into mud near the pond ,were they will pupate before returning to the water ,while the great diving beetle can fly it rarely does so if there is enough food for it.