You will receive stone loaches between 3 and 8 cm. The stone loach is a small native bottom dwelling fish  common and widespread across the UK. It is found in small streams, rivers, lakes they are omnivorous and will eat  small creatures, including small aquatic insects, midge larvae, zooplankton and worms as well as some plant material. They can also be fed frozen bloodworm, daphnia, flake food or sinking pellets. Minnows live between 2 and 5 years depending on water conditions and a temperature of 8 - 20° c is prefered. With good availibility of food they can reach a max size of 15cm, however a size of 10 to 12 cm is more common ,its small size makes it highly suitable for wildlife ponds ,while the stone loach prefers running water it will also thrive in still water provided there is good aeration .

stone loach ( barbatula barbatula )

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  • stone loaches breed from april to august where they may breed multiple times in a year. female stone loaches can produce up to 10000 eggs in a season , Minnows breed in shallow running water with a gravel or rocky bottom. To acheive breeding conditions in your pond simply put gravel and small rocks near the outflow of your filter to simulate the fast flowing oxygenated water the loaches naturally breed in ,they can also be bred in aquariums.