you will receive young perch bewteen 2 and 4cm ,The european perch is by far one of our most striking native fish its bold stripes and red fins make it an excellent addition to a pond or aquarium ,perch a a fairly large fish reaching a max size of around 50 cm although 25 cm is more common and size varies from population depending on the size of there habitat and food availability , widespread across the uk found in most aquatic enviroments ,from large lakes and rivers to streams ,ponds and ditches perch are highly predatory and will eat almost any small fish they can fit in there mouth aswell as aquatic insects ,shrimp and worms  ,they can also be fed frozen bloodworm ,prawns ,crickets ,mealworms and dead or live fish ,perch can live over 20 years depending on water conditions ,due to there predatory nature perch arent really suited to a wildlife pond unless it is very large ,but perch can be kept with most other coldwater fish such as koi ,goldfish ,roach ,orfe ,rudd ,sterlet and tench provided they are large enough not to be eaten ,perch can sometimes be aggresive towards members of there own species as they get larger ,young perch tend to stay in small shoals ,the perch is a very underated native fish in the aquarium trade mainly due to its predatory nature but provided the fish in its enviroment are large enough not to be eaten the perch is a great coldwater community fish and can also be kept in temperate water conditions aslong as properly adjusted to the change in temperature.

european perch ( perca fluviatailis )

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  • perch spawn between feburary and july and lay long strands of eggs on aquatic plants and branches the eggs are sticky and sometimes get tangled round the leggs of water fowl allowing for perch to be spread to new enviroments ,perch are fairly easy to breed and provided you have a decent size well planted pond and both male and female perch it is likely they will breed naturally in your pond.