The common frog (Rana temporaria) is one of only 2 native frog species in the UK (the rare pool frog being the second). At Wildlife Pond and Aquarium we have captive bred common frogs over many generations to ensure they are disease free and legal too sell (sale of wild caught frogs is illegal). Each group will include a mix of adult male and female frogs ,most female frogs will be full of eggs and ready to lay in your pond and will be an excellent breeding stock.

Sexed groups of adult common frog (Rana temporaria)

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  • Common frogs are easy too care for, a tank, viviarium or large plastic container of around 2 foot or larger with a sustrate of soil and moss with some plants, wood or rocks and a water tub is ideal for them. They can be fed most insects including earth worms, crickets, meal worm, locusts, beetles and maggots. If being released into an outdoor pond make sure the habitat is suitable for them which will encourage them to stay and breed in the pond. Well planted ponds with plenty of cover and hiding places are essential for the frogs to avoid predation from cats and birds aswell as providing enough natural food for them. Adult frogs will make a home in ponds even with large fish but will have little chance of producing offspring as the fish will eat them and frogs are also reluctant to breed in ponds with large predators. Wildlife ponds are far better suited for them or ponds with small fish like minnow or stickleback. Keeping the frogs outdoors is the best way to preserve there natural breeding cycle.